Saturday, May 20, 2006

web 2.0

I found this very informative article by O'Reilly about web 2.0 technology. It covers the differences between web 1.0 and web 2.0 and made the concept much clearer for me.
Web 2.0 is fascinating and is about making the Internet work for us as when and how we need it. For example, the home page is static compared to a blog Oh yes you can argue that a home page can have all the features such as a blog and wiki, but why not just start with a wiki.

The worry for those of us new to all this open sharing of information is whether others will come along and change what we have I understand that if someone does this, it may well give another perspective or many. It is hard to change people's view of information as we are so used to having words fed to us rather than being able to interact with the words.

Imagine if newspapers provided news in the form of a wiki to which the citizens for whom it is written actually got a chance to contribute. Then we might get much more factual and interesting stories instead o the stories going through several people - the journalist, the interviewee, the editor, etc. remember the concept of the chinese whisper a story changes when passed from one person to another. The root of rumours!

"But what if just any old person got into the wiki and wrote absolute garbage?" What's new I ask?

And how amazing would it be to be able to write a book with others...yes truly write it with real people taking on the roles of each character. someone must be doing this already. Then we could write the type of stories we would truly like to read. This would probably do publishers out of a job, but then how great if the authors made most of the profit and we could take charge of our own stories.... people would still want to buy print books. Case in point, computers have not done away with the paperless office, they have created even more paper.

I have a lot to learn and the next goal is to start podcasting and to set up a wiki for the family geneology so we can all write it together.

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Leigh Blackall said...

Cool Bron. Yep, there have been quite a few books written in a wiki. I write my papers like that too. And wikipedia has a current events and news section, making it the wiki news paper you're looking for.

Some people say that the real meaning of web 2 is the original intent of the internet, the "semantic web".