Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why is evaluation so important?

I was asked recently to present about evaluation for one of the constructing courses sessions. I decided to do an Elluminate session so I could fit it around study leave. However this morning when I was all geared up to present, the server decided to play hookey and go west.

This spurred me on to prepare a slide show with audio (Plan B). The presentation is called: Why is evaluation so important?

It can be viewed on the Internet and doesn't appear to take too long to load. The presentation is approximately 20 minutes long and covers the what, why and how of evaluation and its relationship to educational design.

I would have preferred the synchronous computer conference option so people could ask questions and we could have some discussion. However, while preparing the audio to accompany the presentation, I found I was able to tie things together better. This meant that my presentation was longer than originally intended, but I feel that it integrates the concepts underlying evaluation much more clearly. I just hope my audience thinks so as well. I have also given them the option of both asynchronous and synchronous discussion around the topic of evaluation.

I used MyPlick to upload the presentation (PowerPoint) and audio (mp3) which I created in Audacity. I prefer this site to SlideShare because the presentation and audio can be lodged on the same site. Mmmn maybe "all my eggs in one basket" is not such a good idea.

All this stuff is really helping me develop stronger digital information literacy skills. The importance of this became very apparent today during a research meeting where we were discussing some of the processes we would use to communicate and share ideas. Considering the research project is action research and the focus is digital information literacy, we as researchers will also be learning, not just the participants, through using web 2.0 tools to conduct the research processes. This is the start of my reflections around this project; it will be very important for all of us to keep a log of the process. Preferably an open log on the web where we can read each others entries and really share progress and ideas. This will be very important with the national spread of researchers in the project.


Carolyn McIntosh said...

Prerecording a lecture was something I was also considering as a backup for potential technical problems. however to prepare a session in advance on the web, for everything one might be teaching, is a significant extra amount of work. I agree that there is a loss in being able to have a spontaneous synchronous discussion and all the unexpected things that might arise in this type of forum. However the opportunity to plan, prepare, rehearse, and redo a presentation until it is crisp before you give it is also quite and advantage I think.

I look forward to watching this presentation when I have time. thanks for this Broonwyn.

Sarah Stewart said...

Look forward to seeing your presentation. I have posted on several blogs about the lack of talk of evaluation. This seems to be missing from a lot of conversations about e-learning