Sunday, May 26, 2013

Scenario planning for educators - session 1

3D Origami Swans,Ducks,Gooses by designermetin
Well here I am again on another MOOC train. Hopefully, this one will be designed so the activities are achievable.  Luckily I already had a workable blog so that has saved some time. This series of workshops is on Scenario planning for educators. If I remember right, I was first introduced to this concept in 2004 when Wayne Macintosh spoke about the concept at the Third Pan-Commonwealth Forum conference. I found the concept fascinating then albeit a little hard to comprehend.

A lot has happened since then in education - change has accelerated in the tertiary sector.  Now the concept of MOOCs and Open Education Resources (OER) and Open Education Practices (OEP) is at the forefront along with mobile learning, and predictions about gamification and the concept of seamless learning. I have written about these predictions in the Trends module for the Flexible Learning course.

One of my goals for this course is to understand how scenario planning can be used for engaging teams with strategic change within an organisation. I am sure that more goals will unfold as I learn more about the process.


Wayne Mackintosh said...

wow Bronwyn - -you've got a good memory. I'd forgotten about the COL PC4 Forum and the scenario planning group. It was a tough challenge running an scenario planning session with +80 folk from all over the Commonwealth. Could not have done it without the sterling facilitation team including yourself.

How the landscape has changed since 2004.

The Bipolar Project said...

great post. Love the swans.