Thursday, March 03, 2016

Webinar series for Open Education week Otago Polytechnic - March 8 - 10 2016

Otago Polytechnic 2016

For Open Education Week, Otago Polytechnic is offering a series of three webinars by local people. 

I'll be speaking on March 8 -  12.10 - 12.50 NZTWebinar - (login as a guest).

Are you open or on the fence? The inner workings of an open pedagogy for the faint-hearted.
 Eight attributes of open pedagogy will be discussed under the umbrella of openness and Open Educational Practice (OEP). We will explore how engagement in the OEPosphere can benefit learners and teachers alike, and precipitate creative and inclusive learning communities.

The presentation is based on my 2015 article - Attributes of Open Pedagogy: A Model for Using Open Educational Resources, published in Educational Technology magazine.

For information about the other two webinars, please visit Otago Polytechnic's Open Lunchbox Series for Open Education Week 2016.


Smith said...

Open education is including free and open access to platforms, resources and tools in education, including learning materials, course materials, videos, research, assessment tools, study groups, and textbooks, and more. All these are available for free use and modification under an open license.

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